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The RPG Fund

by admin last modified Jun 16, 2016 02:05 AM
This site is the Internet face for a fund proposed to help those RPG-related projects attempting to use role-playing games in various formats to improve the human experience.

From the creator of The RPG Research Project International Community Website - - RPG Therapeutics LLC - - and many other community organizations. This is still in the very early stages: Developing the idea around an "RPG Fund" to support research and programs using role-playing games to teach, help, and heal participants, and any other related programs using RPG for exceptional goals of altruism to benefit humanity.

A dedicated account will soon be created associated with raising funds to form this organization.

Funding will first need to be gathered to form the fund as a 501(c)3, (or similar) non-profit. This will include needing to gather board members, letters of incorporation, etc.